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Your vision. our expertise

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Scratches, chips and impact damage can spoil the look of a kitchen worktop. We can restore the surface using the latest techniques and materials so the repair blends in with the surrounding area and is also hardwearing.

Worktop materials include laminate, wood, granite, quartz or marble.

kitchen unit repair

In a wide variety of colours and materials, kitchen cupboards and end panels are in use daily and can be damaged especially along edges and next to ovens where the surface may blister. Any chips, dents or scratches can be repaired in just a few hours without the need to replace the unit, saving you money and also reducing the amount of unnecessary waste going to landfill.

stainless steel repair


Scratches and scuffs can become noticeable on stainless steel around the kitchen,we can restore the surface on drainers,splash backs,cooker hoods and appliances.Using a range of materials and techniques to bring the shine back to your surfaces.

sink & basin

Cracked or chipped ceramic basins,toilets or cisterns are no problem for Surface Repair Solutions. Save the hassle and cost of removal, changing taps and resealing or tiling. Perhaps you can no longer get that size,style or colour of basin? Using the latest materials and colour matching on site, we can get your bathroom looking good again.

shower tray

Whether the shower tray in your bathroom is resin or acrylic we can repair most cracks or chips along the edges and colour match them to the surrounding area.

window frame

Available in a wide variety of colours, materials and profiles, window frames and sills can easily get scratched or scuffed. UPVC, powder coated metal, and hardwood frames can all be restored at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

door repair

We repair all types of doors whether internal or external, garage door or bi-fold doors,from solid wood or laminate veneer to metal or upvc.We can also re spray your front door or garage door to any colour of your choice.Using a range of quality materials to repair doors that have been scratched or scuffed.

ceramic tile

Floor and wall tiles can all be restored,save the hassle of trying to remove and replace.Maybe your patterned tile is no longer available?We can repair ceramic floor and wall tiles that have been chipped, cracked or holed by replicating the pattern and colour so the finish blends in with the surrounding area.

wood & laminate
floor repair

Hardwearing, good looking and in variety of shades and patterns, flooring can get damaged - especially in high traffic areas. Damage such as scratches, chips, and scuffs to laminate and hardwood flooring can all be restored, matching the original shade and wood grain making wood look good again.

wood repair

We have a wide variety of materials and colours to restore all your wooden furniture including kitchen or dining tables, office desks, chairs and cabinets. Damage might include splits, scratches, or discolouration caused by heat or liquids, the woodgrain pattern and colour can be restored making the repair almost invisible.

brick tinting

We provide a full service for damaged or discoloured brickwork, whether it’s a chipped edge, or perhaps some new bricks that need tinting to match in with existing brickwork.Using a range of colours and tints we can restore the profile and texture, and match it in perfectly with the surrounding area.

stone repair

Damaged stonework can look unsightly. Using the latest repair methods and specialist materials we restore stone lintels, sills, pillars and decorative features. Texture and colour is applied so the repair blends in with the surrounding area.